This is what the holy word of God says about the 2ndcoming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, first he came as a sacrificial Lamb to wash away the sins of the world, my sins and yours. All of us have sinned one way or another, but thanks to the ultimate sacrifice at the cross, we have a mediator that’s Jesus Christ. This web-site is dedicated to providing news that most people don’t know about or are to busy with everyday life to pay attention to. It’s main focus, are prophecies that are being fullfilled before our very eyes, and yet few of us know about. Did you know that the EU (European Union) could very well be the Beast of the Book of Revelations? Or is it the USA? Who can make war against the Beast? How about the Harlot? Could unified Religion be the Harlot? These are questions that are being answered one way or another, cause the word of God is True and Just….Therefore, please feel free to browse this Web-Site.

This web-site was done for the intention in waking up people who have fallen asleep in today’s world. I did a quick research around the internent, and found the most relevant prophecies concerning the end time scenario. My intention is for the reader to realize that he/she needs a savior, and that we are only on this earth temporary. Nobody knows when he/she will die, only God knows and wouldn’t it be wonderfull that you have an eternal security that’s in Jesus Christ? Why Jesus, some may ask? Cause the word of God says it simply, Jesus Christ is the “Way, Truth and Life…”(John 14:6). Ask yourself this question, all of the prophets that ever existed in the history of the world, which one died on the cross for the sins of the world? Only the Son of Man(Jesus Christ), died for my sins and yours. And no, being a good person will not get you into heaven….Cause in reality no one is good, except God……All of us have sin, like it or not, and if we were to be judge by the 10 Commandments, all of us will be guilty….But thanks to God Almighty, that he sent his only begotten son to died on the cross for me and you, Jesus Christ(John 3:16). Not only that, but Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day, he conquered death for me and you. Now ask yourself, what other prophet has accomplish this?