World Wide Web


Case III: WWW-World Wide Web

The World Wide Web has become an everyday necessity for human beings throughout the whole world. It has opened doors to a new frontier, but can this frontier play a major role in the Mark of the Beast? It’s very likely that the Net will play a role in the function of the Mark. I’ll give you an example, we all know that as per the word of GOD, the Mark of the Beast will be man’s number: 666, now, haven’t you noticed that the acronym www spells out 666. You might think I’m crazy, but look at this: if you look at any phone pad and look for the letter w, you will find that it represents the number 9. You got that part, now turn this number upsidedown and you get 6, still with me. Now, since the address of the Web, starts with www, you will get 999 or in other words, 666.

But don’t go bezerk on it, or start yelling doom and gloom, not yet of course, we as consumers can still buy and sell without the Internet. But it was just a simple observation, that I bet you didn’t know. The Internet is very powerful, and people are using it for their advantage. However, some people are being suck into paying all their bills via the Internet, another step of the BEAST system in order to get rid of paper cash. Yes folks, we are heading straight to a cashless society. Think about it, when you go out to buy, how many times do you use paper money. Most if not all transactions are done via Debit or Credit Cards. The whole world is heading to an implantable chip, which is already being use throughout Europe and in Mexico for identification purposes and cashless transactions. In the U.S., some hospitals are using this type of Technology to identify Patients, and with Identity Theft on the rise, look for it to be implemented in the consumer market. Imagine a world where paying is as easy, as swiping you right hand over a scanner. Well, that world is coming……..

But you might said, how can they implement such technology, without my consent. After 9/11, a set of motions came into existence to really strip away our liberties, held under the Constitution. With the ongoing war against Terrorism, people will rely more in the government to protect them, but in reality is a scam to strip away and burn the Constitution into ashes. However, some people just don’t realize, until it’s too late. The whole world has been moving into another Babel, or a Unified Earth. It began with the League of Nations that gave birth to the United Nations, now, we see the same process unfolding throughout the EU(European Union), and of course we have the G-8, most industrilized nations in the world. Yep folks, is right there before our eyes. However, it will take a major catalyst to finally establish such ambition.

Personally, I think that catalyst is around the corner, let it be another Terrorist strike or an unforseen natural catastrophe. In fact, the Bible cleary states about these days of uncertainty and confusion, “the sun shall be darkned and the moon not give it’s light….”. Only time will tell, but please stay awake don’t fall asleep……..