The Last Generation

The final generation will be the one that witnesses the blossoming of the “fig tree.”(Matthew 24:32)Fulfillment: Israel returned as a nation in 1948 fulfilling God’s promise to Abraham. Israel is always referred to as the “fig tree” and Christ taught that Israel”s forefathers were the first fruits in his fig tree.

There will be wars and rumors of wars.(Mark 13:7)Fulfillment: The last 100 years have seen more wars than any time since creation.

An army called “the Kings of the East” will march into the Middle East at the battle of Armageddon and have the Euphrates river dry-up before them.(Rev. 16:12)Fulfillment: Dams built in the 1970″s have given Turkey the ability to dry-up the Euphrates. In 1990 they stopped the river for a month to fill a reservoir. Now you can see why Turkey must be part of the Islamic camp….to make way for the three different attack routes the Russians and Arabs will utilize in their Magog attack on Israel.

There will be Earthquakes in diverse places.(Matthew 24:7)Fulfillment: Earthquakes have increased in frequency and intensity some 2,000% since Israel returned to the land in 1948.

An end-time global government will arise and break the world into ten regions described as the “Revived Roman Empire.”(Rev. 13:1-2,17:12-13)(Ex: NAU(North American Union), EU(European Union), AU(African Union), SAU(South American Union))Fulfillment: The same year Israel returned to the land a group known as the “Club of Rome” signed what was called the “Treaty of Rome” creating the European Union that plans to divide the world into ten regions. The Pope has called the E-U the “Revived Roman Empire.” Signers of the treaty were quoted as saying: “We felt like real Romans that day….purposely recreating the Roman Empire.”

Jerusalem will be trodden-down by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles has come to an end. This is to happen just prior to the return of Christ.(Luke 21:24)Fulfillment: The Israelis recaptured Jerusalem in the 1967 war.

The generation alive at the time Israel returns to the land will not all pass away before all things, including the return of Christ with his saints, are accomplished.(Luke 21:29-32)Fulfillment:Pending. Depending upon the scripture reference a Biblical generation may be anywhere from 40-70 years. We are more than 50 years into that time frame.

During the Great Tribulation, God will have to shorten the daylight hours because the sun will be scorching man.(Rev. 16:8-9)Fullfillment: Global ozone depletion is being blamed for the blinding of kangaroos in Australia as well as penguins and polar bears at the North Pole where animals are also developing cancerous tumors. Children in So. America are being told to wear sun glasses while most of the krill off the tip of So. America are gone. This is the bottom of the food chain. Paint is oxidizing faster than normal in Australia where sperm counts in men have dropped precipitously. Frogs are mutating and dying in No. America where skin cancers and cataracts are up 50-75%. The U.N., reports that some areas of the Earth have lost nearly all ozone. The ozone hole is now 3-times the size of Europe and nearly continuous volcanic eruptions are exacerbating the situation. Scientists are experimenting with ways to grow more algae in the oceans because of the death of large areas of plankton and algae. They are responsible for 1/4th of our oxygen supply.

The Antichrist will come from the same people who destroyed Jerusalem…the Romans. (Hence, the Revived Roman Empire.)

Storms will become increasingly worse.(Luke 21:25-26)Fulfillment: There have been record numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and tornadoes beginning in the 1990″s.

Famines and pestilence will be common-place.(Luke 21:11 & Rev. 6:8)Fulfillment: There have been more deaths from famine since 1950 than any other time in history. Old diseases are gaining the upper-hand and new diseases are appearing regularly that have no cure.

The Antichrist will bring a 7-year peace and protection pact for Israel but that when they say “Peace and safety” that sudden destruction will come upon them.(1 Thes. 5:3)Fulfillment: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose name means “Gift from God,” has stalled the peace process with the Palestinians by demanding “Peace with safety and peace with security” prompting Arafat to turn to Europe, (the Revived Roman Empire), to join in the peace process. Also the Quartet of Peace(EU, USA, UN, Russia) is striving to establish a Palestinian State, and a Peace Treaty. However, look under European Neighboorhood Policy, and you’ll find such Treaty, or a reaffirmation of a covenant….This policy was reaffirmed on 1/1/2007 and went into effect on such date, for 7 years….

The end-time apostate church will be clothed in scarlet and situated on seven hills.(Rev. 17:3-6 and 9)Fulfillment: The Roman Catholic church uses scarlet, sits on the seven hills of Rome, has the nickname-“Babylon,” has a pope that says the church has fallen into irreversible apostasy, most of it”s leaders don”t acknowledge Christ as Messiah. The pope has expressed fears his successor may be the false prophet. The “Revived Roman Empire” will be a seven-headed beast that is scarlet in color with ten horns. The apostate church will be symbolized as a woman riding the beast. The EU will use the same image on it”s single currency known as the “Euro.” The image they minted on the first E-U coin was of Charles V. (The first emperor of the Roman Empire). It also can be said that Jerusalem has seven hills.

Knowledge shall be increased and man will run to and fro about the face of the Earth.(Daniel 12:4)Fulfillment: Mans” knowledge took 1,450 years to double the first time. It now doubles every two years and science is forecasting that in the 21st Century it will double every few months.

If Christ does not return no flesh will be saved.(Matthew 24:22)Fulfillment: Nuclear weaponry makes this the first generation capable of annihilating all life on Earth.

The Antichrist will allow the Jews to rebuild the temple and renew sacrifices.(2 Thes. 2:3-4)Fulfillment: Gershon Solomon and the Temple Mount Faithful have found the red heifer ashes necessary to purify the new temple, may have located the Ark of the Covenant, have computerized all Levitical priests” names for temple service, attempted to lay the cornerstone on the Temple Mount and have recreated nearly all implements necessary for temple worship. In fact, a snail used for the blue line on the bottom of the priest”s garment returned to Israel for the first time in 2,000 years when they began to work on the garment. Also, the first red heifer in two thousand years has been born in the Holyland.

Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone and a cup of trembling to the world just prior to Christ”s return.(Zec. 12:2)Fulfillment: What is holding-up the peace process in Israel is the insistence that the Jews will never give-up or even share Jerusalem. Look for war!

Russia will lead an Arab confederacy in an attack on Israel.(Ezekiel 38:14-16)Fulfillment: Presently, every nation mentioned in the Bible as being part of the attack is aligned with Russia and is being armed by them or China.

In the last generation men will be proud and boastful, lovers of themselves and pleasure rather than lovers of God and that children will be disobedient.(2 Tim. 3:1-5)Fulfillment: Look at the world, just like in the days of Noah, so it shall be in the 2nd coming of the Son of Man(Jesus Christ).

The end-time population will not repent of their sorceries, from the Greek word “pharmakea” from which we get the word “pharmacy”. So, they will not repent of their drug abuse. (Rev. 9:21)Fulfillment: Drug usage is on the rampage worldwide and up 141% among American teens.

In the “last days” people will not want to hear sound doctrine.(2nd Tim. 3)Fulfillment: Turn on most TV preachers today, and what do you hear them preach? Prosperity, cars, houses, ect….The Kingdom of God isn’t about wordly things, but of spiritual things and salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ….

There will be signs on the sun, the moon and in the stars.(Luke 21:25)Fullfillment: Pending.This has to do with Tribulation, and the day of the Lord God Almighty.

A strong delusion will accompany the end-times.(2nd Thes. 2:11)Fulfillment: The New Age belief that man is God. The same lie Satan told in the Garden of Eden.